Reporting, Writing, and Editing
My beat covers everything from personal finance to general interest. I’m available to write and edit newsletters, articles, educational documents, and all other collateral. My work is featured in a wide variety of newspapers, online publications, academic journals, print magazines, and company websites, including:

I offer financial education consulting services to nonprofit agencies, government organizations, and private companies. Specifically, I analyze existing programs for efficacy and provide techniques and tools to increase efficiency.

Don’t have a program in place? Let me help. I’ll research your needs and design one that meets your precise requirements. A customized financial education program saves you time and money by never having to sift through extraneous information to find what you and your demographic require.

Expert testimony
Need an experienced and compelling expert witness? I am prepared to give authoritative testimony and consultation for any case involving:

· Credit, charge, debit, rebate, and prepaid cards
· The banking and lending industry
· Credit reporting bureaus and credit scoring models
· The credit counseling and debt assistance industry
· Identity theft and fraud
· Consumer and borrowing behaviors
· The emotional/psychological impact of debt

Speaking engagements
Widely known for my engaging speaking style, I’m available to give keynote addresses, conduct ongoing classes, facilitate workshops, and participate in panel discussions both as a moderator and an expert.